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Water Department

Midvale Water Department

3111 Barnhill Road  PO Box 2
Midvale, OH 44653          330-308-9201
Mon-Fri. 10:00am-2:00pm
MC900441753Midvale Water Department services Midvale, Barnhill, Roswell, Brightwood & parts of Dennison. The water department is ran by the Board of Public Affairs.

Board of Public Affairs:
Randall Cadle (President)

Keith A. Thomas
Larry Kopp

BPA Clerk:
Amanda Leggett

Water Superintendent: Aaron Willison


Village of Midvale 2017 CCR

Resolution for Past Due Notices

************************* New ****************************

                                                                                     New Billing Rates Effective on January Billing 2017:

Flat Rate Residence

Midvale Residence:      Water $19.00     Trash $11.00    

Barnhill Residence:      $23.22                                                                                                  

Brightwood & Dennison Residence:  $23.22

Metered Rate Customers


Roswell in & out of Corporation will see no increase


Billing Policy: Bills are due by the end of day the 15th of each month, if FULL payment is not received by due date a $3.00 late fee will be assessed. On the 20th of each month accounts with a balance due will be mailed a shut-off warning letter, stating date & balance due. If payment is not received by that date, water service WILL be terminated without further notice.

Weekends/Holidays: If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, bills are due the next business day.

Reconnection of Terminated Service: If your water service is terminated you will be required to pay a $20.00 reconnect fee, if paid before 2:00 pm Mon-Fri. After hours reconnection fee is $50.00

Deposits: A $75.00 deposit is required for new accounts and accounts that have had service terminated due to non-payment. Deposit will be refunded after two years, or when account is closed, as long as account is in good standing. If service is terminated due to non-payment, the deposit will be credited towards the unpaid balance and a new deposit of $75.00 & reconnect fee of $20.00 will be required to restore service.

New Hook-ups: New hook-ups are required to pay a $1,200.00 tap fee & $75.00 deposit.

NSF Checks: A $50.00 NSF fee will be added to account for NSF checks returned.

Sprinkler & Pool Permits for Flat Rate Customers: $30.00 each and are to be paid before the service is used. Failure to do so can result in a $50.00 fine.

Water Break/Leak: If a leak or break is reported on a customer’s property, customer will be given notice to repair leak/break, if not repaired after three (3) days, water will be shut-off until repair has been made and inspected.

Water Department Clerk hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.  There is an afterhour’s drop box in the door at the Village Hall at 3111 Barnhill Rd.  No cash in drop box.

Acceptable Forms of Payment: Cash, Check, Money Order, Debit, Credit, or Monthly Auto-Pay( See Documents)

After Hours Emergency contacts:

Randy Cadle: 330-339-1910

Keith A Thomas 330-340-5489

Larry Kopp: 330-340-0197